Desde CartoDB Jorge Sanz (Ing. en Geodesia y Cartografía por nuestra ETSIGCT)
publica en la lista de PostGIS la siguiente información sobre ofertas de trabajo 
en CartoDB. Si os gusta las IDEs, SIG, BAses de datos espaciales y Web Mapping 
es importante que le echéis un vistazo.
Jose Carlos

Hi all,

At CartoDB we have a number of open positions[1] across all teams. I
think the Solutions Engineer open position[2] is specially interesting
to this list audience.

So check the job description and if you are confortable working with
users, partners and the sales and support teams to help them to take
the most of a cool geospatial product (mostly of it Open Source),
please consider applying to this offer (you can name me when you apply
if you want).